succulent plant

Today is all about indoor succulents. Understand that not everyone was blessed with a natural green thumb! However, with a little help and lots of research, you can become a gardening queen or king!

Hints and other things to consider before starting:

-Where will you be planting at?

-How much time can you devote?

-ALWAYS do research before you purchase plants.


Many people  buy succulents because they believe these plants can be potted, then forgotten all about, this could not be more wrong. Succulents survive with little water and harsh climates, they do not thrive. You should water succulents at least once a week.


It is important to keep a balance between too much or too little light. There is no perfect answer we can give, but the rule is around six hours. It is important to watch your plant and see what it is telling you!

If your succulent has a “bleached out” or “torched” looked, it is receiving too much light. If the plant is not seeing any light, you might notice a “reach” as the plant grows towards the light.

We suggest keeping your pot on a rotation so each side gets equal light. If you switch sides to often or too drastically, it will cause harm to the plant. Remember, slow and steady wins the beautiful plant race!

Potting and Soil

Another important factor to growing the most beautiful plants is potting and soil!

Be sure to use a soil that allows for full draining. Pots should also allow the same, no glass containers!